Bob Arriaga has been coach, best friend, confidant and motivator to many Fortune 500 CEO’s, politicians and thought leaders in the Houston community for over 40 years. He is a calming, yet powerful and kind sounding board to the thousands of people he had guided to physical fitness. While fitness has been his calling card – what makes his legion of loyal clients coming back are his intuitive observations to not only the physical but rather life stages they are passing through. Spend time with him is like meeting up with your long lost best friend. The friend that you loved for giving you great advice and at the same time a kick in the pants if needed.

Arriaga is known by insiders as the “go to” guy as a fitness consultant. And all will agree that while the physical results are amazing – the stories, insights and true kindness he shares are what makes him such a beloved teacher. And a teacher he is – for those that can see beyond the obvious he is a soulful connection to your life.